Questions and Answers

When do I apply Save My Feet?

Apply 3-4 minutes before putting shoes on.

How much product do I need to use?

You only need about a dime sized amount for each foot. Rub the lotion on areas on your foot that have the potential for blisters.

Do I rub all over my whole foot?

You can, but we recommend that you use the product only on the parts of the foot that rub against your shoes that may cause blisters. You will find the product to be extremely effective this way.

Can I use on other parts of the body?

Yes. Although we created our Elixirs for feet, it is safe to use on any part of the body and can be used anywhere chafing might occur. Our customers tell us that it works particularly well on elbows and knees. Since it is greaseless, it also works very well on dry hands.

Can I use it with sneakers, flip flops or flats?

Definitely. The lotions work great if you are going to work out, walk around all day or have a new pair of flats to try out.